Research and Digital Projects
Putting Data to Work


A selection of projects implemented include catalogue of Blarney Castle archive (now at CCCA), catalogue of the Ursuline Convent Blackrock (Cork) historical library and archive, the Department of Early & Medieval Irish, Celtic Digital Initiative, De Finibus websites at UCC, Irish Texts Society website, Cork Historical & Archaeological Society website, digitising the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society (c. 24,000 pages), catalogue of The Hunt Museum collection and The Hunt Museum provenance research and archives website design, catalogue of Sybil Connolly collection at The Hunt Museum, book indexes, confidential research services including family history, legal (including title and probate genealogy) and provenance research. Clients have included the National Museum of Ireland, The Hunt Museum, National Roads Authority, Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Blarney Castle Estate, University College Cork, Irish Life & Lore (including e-commerce and database management 2011-16), and private clients.

Services include

Listing and cataloguing
Archival inventory and logistics
Museum inventory and audit projects
Proofing and copyediting
Report writing
Title and probate genealogy
Provenance research
Digitisation: text and images
Data re-purposing


Chair, Cork County Council Heritage Forum

Former member, Supervisors Committee, Credit Union (Cork)

Vice-President, Cork Historical & Archaeological Society

Contributor to the Oxford Text Archive (Ausonius' Mosella)

Contributor to TOCS-IN (Table of Contents of Interest to Classicists) (University of Toronto)

Contributor to provenance research (The Continence of Scipio by Sebastiano Ricci) at Art Institute of Chicago

Personal research projects