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Margaret Lantry

Putting Data to Work! That means de-cluttering all that paper or files and packaging the information so that it becomes efficient and useful to you.

ORGANISATION — Do you have information that's just lying around? Do you want to access that information — whether it's on paper or in old computer files — in order to complete a project, tidy up the office, write a book? Do you need to know what's in all those files or boxes? I can take all your information, whether electronic or paper, and present it back to you in the format you need (including databases, presentations and websites).
Are you thinking of donating or selling your collection of books, papers or objects and need a list? Onsite visits are possible.

IT — Or, do you need a report prepared that includes a specification that will give a pathway to digitisation? I research and write reports set out the background, the project steps, the type of work that needs to be carried out, recommendations for best practice and standards, and the plan of work — my speciality is digitisation projects or software specification.
Is your website in need of a new look? I will take your information (text, images, etc) and create a simple, easy-to-use, user-friendly website.
Do you need to create a searchable database for new or existing content? Get in touch!

PUBLISHING — Have you finished your master's or doctoral thesis but it needs to be better presented? I can take your file and read through (proofreading), make sure that outline numbering and foot/endnote numbers are in order, and check that your bibliography is in alphabetical order, etc. I certainly won't help you with your research or thesis writing but I can improve the presentation so that your content shines!
Other services I can provide include proofreading, copy-editing and indexing.

RESEARCH — Are you writing a book or collecting information for another purpose? I do research (historical, genealogical, bibliographical, legal, provenance) at the major research institutions in Ireland (archives, libraries, Registry of Deeds, Valuation Office, etc.) and abroad (British Library, The National Archives, National Art Library, etc.) and prepare reports with full referencing.


Some of my services

Clients have included The National Museum of Ireland, The Hunt Museum, National Roads Authority, Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Blarney Castle Estate, University College Cork and private clients.

A selection of projects implemented include catalogue of Blarney Castle archive (now at CCCA), catalogue of the Ursuline Convent Blackrock (Cork) historical library and archive, the Department of Early & Medieval Irish, Celtic Digital Initiative, De Finibus websites at UCC, Irish Life and Lore website (including e-commerce and database management), Irish Texts Society website, Cork Historical & Archaeological Society website, digitising the Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society (c. 24,000 pages), catalogue of The Hunt Museum collection and The Hunt Museum provenance research and archives website design, catalogue of Sybil Connolly collection at The Hunt Museum, book indexes, confidential research services including family history, legal and provenance research.


Preparation of texts for publication

picture editor – researching images, securing intellectual rights and digital copies, proofreading, indexing: Charles Brand: A construction story (Belfast: Lagan Construction Ltd, 2014) ISBN 9780992776909/ 9780992776916

digitised 1969 PhD thesis with a view to editing for publication (forthcoming)

working with authors, proofing, editing, liaising with publisher: Editor, 7 volumes (2006-2012), Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society.

digitised text and images, and proofread: T. Jones Hughes Landholding, society and settlement in nineteenth-century Ireland: a historical geographer's perspective (introduction by W. J. Smyth) (Dublin: Geography Publications, 2010) ISBN 9780906602591

copy-editing, indexed, liaison wtih typesetter: Dwyers of Cork: a family business and a business family (Cork: Ted Dwyer, 2008) ISBN 9780956077608

proofread: Student of the Year 40th Anniversary Retrospective at The Lavit Gallery (Cork, 2007)

digitised images, copy-edited, indexed, typeset in Word: Antiquarians and archaeology in 19th century Cork BAR British Series 454 (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2008) ISBN 1407302507/ 9781407302508

proofread, indexed, liaison wtih typesetter, exhibition catalogue: A Celebration of Limerick's Silver (Cork: The Collins Press, 2007) ISBN 1905172559

proofread exhibition catalogue:  Louis Le Brocquy – Allegory & Legend (Limerick: The Hunt Museum, 2006) ISBN 9780952092254

proofread, checked references The Honan Chapel –  a golden vision (Cork University Press, 2004) ISBN 9781859183465


Digital humanities projects (sample)

Royal Historical Society British Bibliographies (RHSBB) project: Edition Manager/Senior Research Associate (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge) (1990-96) incl. database design and management (250,000 records), administrative duties, personnel, liaison with editors worldwide etc.

Royal Irish Academy, CURIA project: Managing Editor (1996-97) incl. scanning and SGML markup of text

University College Cork, CELT project: Managing Editor (1997-98) incl. scanning and SGML markup of text

University College Cork, Documents of Ireland project: Project Manager (2000-2003) incl. specification of hardware and software for new digital humanities laboratory, markup of texts using XML, creation of SGML database ingesting data from seven projects

Scanning and OCR of index of the Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society (1892-2005), about 31,000 lines; conversion to MySQL database and querying using PHP (

Digitising the Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society (1892-2012), c.24,000 pages; complete design and management of project incl. scanning, creating table of contents database, conversion to PDF, online search interface, etc. (

Listing and cataloguing
Archival inventory and logistics
Museum inventory and audit projects
Proofing and copyediting
Report writing
Provenance research
Digitisation: text and images
Data re-purposing

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Chair, Cork County Council Heritage Forum

Former member, Supervisors Committee, Credit Union (Cork)

Vice-President, Cork Historical & Archaeological Society

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Contributor to the Oxford Text Archive (Ausonius' Mosella)

Contributor to TOCS-IN (Table of Contents of Interest to Classicists) (University of Toronto)

Contributor to provenance research (The Continence of Scipio by Sebastiano Ricci) at Art Institute of Chicago

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